The Republican Party has a rich history in the United States of America and is the second oldest political party having been established in 1854. Initially, it was established to combat the Kansas-Nebraska act, which if passed, would extend slavery into the territories. Also espousing modernization of the US economy it eventually attracted Whigs and Free Soil Democrats in the northern states.


By 1858, the Grand Old Party (now referred to as the GOP) was a majority in northern states where the majority of the American population was located. With the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the GOP led the way to abolishing slavery in the United States. By 1932 the party had come to dominate American politics in both the North and the South. The GOP was considered a progressive party until the advent of World War II when it swung towards Right/Center and moved further Right in the 1970s and 1980s. In local politics, pockets of party members thrive in Connecticut in sharply divided areas.

In Mansfield, the Republican Party is the minority party largely due to the University of Connecticut student body and staff. Students are transitory but are allowed to vote in local elections in the area where they reside for the school session.

The Mansfield Republican Town Committee holds open meetings. The RTC members and interested members of the public are invited to attend. Only registered Republicans who are members of the RTC may vote at meetings, however. We welcome new members and invite anyone to meet and greet the Republican Candidates for local elections at these meetings.

The MRTC meets monthly on the Third Thursday of most months. Exceptions to this are always announced here. They are also normally held at the Buchanan Center on Route 89 adjacent to the Mansfield Library. Our meeting schedule can be found here.