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2015 – A Fresh Start
We have begun a new year and as a party, we are facing the same challenges. We are forced to look backwards to discover where we went wrong and develop a strategy to overcome our shortcomings. We do not question the loyalty of our party members or their drive. We must focus on the positive things we can do to bring the Republican Party to the front of everyone's thoughts. Mansfield residents see the damage done to the town by the Democratic Party and still, they vote to retain the Democratic candidates in office. Their short sighted viewpoints need to be turned around and quickly. We have a lot to do.
What can we do?

Our upcoming meetings will feature an ongoing analysis of the 2014 defeat as well as some high points, which were actually successes despite outward appearances. We need to come together and plan new ideas and methods to get our message across in the 2015 town elections and the 2016 Presidential elections.
Planning and strategy for winning our upcoming elections are essential to any success. Please be part of this process by attending the meetings and supporting the Republican party both financially and physically. Too
 often the work of the Party is accomplished by a core of sturdy volunteers who are dedicated to the conservative or libertarian way. Your help will ease any burden and make quick the remaining tasks.

Most importantly for all to consider is candidates for the upcoming town council elections. We need solid candidates who can accommodate the unusual hours for meeting times and who also are interested in the management and planning that are the tasks of the town council. We need individuals who are made of stern stuff, like the founders of this town of Mansfield. We need hardy souls who are willing to build whatever infrastructure our party needs to overcome the clear lack of concern of the majority of local voters who never even show up to vote. We desperately need to educate the university voters who reside here and vote here. Our strategies need to be focused and coordinated.
Please plan to attend at each meeting. We need you.



2015 Mansfield Republican Town Committee meeting dates 
All meetings generally take place on the third Thursday of each month at the Mansfield Library, Buchanan Center,
54 Warrenville Rd., 
Mansfield Center 
The meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.

<<Thursday: 23 July, 2015>>
The slate for the upcoming local elections was confirmed at the Caucus on 23 July, 2015. There will be 6 candidates running for the town council. If all are elected, Mansfield will have a Republican majority, something that has not been in place since the 1960s. We need your support, your hard work and effort to accomplish this mission. We need you to attend the upcoming meetings and watch your e-mail and this page for updates on campaign strategy meetings. The strategy will remain closeted so you will be asked to attend meetings rather than seek it here.

The 2015 Mansfield Republican Slate is as follows:
Virginia Raymond (Town Council, Incumbent)
Steve Kegler (Town Council, Incumbent)
Mark Sargent (Town Council)
Katherine Paulhus (Board of Education, Incumbent)

Al Fratoni (Board of Education)

Roswell G Hall (Zoning, Incumbent)

Vera Stearns Ward (Zoning Alternate, Incumbent)

Charles Ausberger (Zoning)

Kay Holt (Assessment Board of Appeals, Incumbent)

Eric Holinko (Assessment Board of Appeals, Incumbent)

Our party, and in particular, our Republican Town Committee, must unite behind these candidates. Please contact one of our officers to volunteer with this campaign. It is vitally important to do this.

August 20, 2015


Elehpant Tail

This is where the elephant behind this one grabs for an elephant parade.

Elephant Trunk

This part holds on to the elephant in front.